Making Marketing Work for Other Businesses

Making Marketing Work for Other Businesses

My passion is marketing and I love seeing a businesses market their products well.  Some of the best marketing is by big companies doing fun adverts that are quirky and stands out.

One of my favourite ads recently has been by – it is funky, catchy and really stands out – it was on tv, radio and billboards, and “the big bad wolf” tagline stuck no matter what – See below for advert

Now small local businesses can’t maybe afford to create big campaigns like this to target their customers

And the thought of even trying to get a marketing plan down on paper is difficult

BUT marketing is the most important thing you can do for your business!

So why not think about working on a plan to make your business stand out from the crowd. There are lots of fun quirky things you can do on a small budget.

And ifyou are stuck getting that plan on paper I am now offering 1 to 1 marketing advice sessions which allow you to work on your marketing plan and not in it

I help identify simple steps to find out who your target market is, what your unique selling points are and how you reach your target market.

I love looking at new businesses and trying to help find new ways to market their product or service so get in touch today
T: 07775422702

Recently I’ve helped several small businesses including LittleTreatsNI / Ooh &Aah, Maggies Working Kitchen, AnitaBrown3D Visualisation and GoBoxSelfStore

Here are a few testimonials

“JEM Marketing provided Ooh and Aah with some great marketing advice including content marketing and Facebook advertising. Jenny offered some fresh ideas on how to promote the business and enabled us to launch our new products confidently” Barbara Ann from Little Treats / Ooh & Aah

“‘Jenny met with me in her role of Mentor for Entrepreneurial Spark and provided valuable marketing insight and advice, as to how I could move my business forward by enhancing my marketing strategy.  She provided ideas and suggestions appropriate to the nature of my business and how to structure my marketing activities.  A very worthwhile meeting!” Anita Brown from Anita Brown 3D Visualisation

“Many thanks to Jenny @ JEM MARKETING for the excellent marketing advice to. It really helped simplify our marketing plan. Can’t thank you enough.” Sean from GoBoxSelfStore


Helping businesses think differently, getting under their skin, understanding where they are and where they want to be and coming up with fresh ideas on how to get there.