5 Simple Steps To Market Your Business

Match your advertising to your customers.

Identify your perfect customer and find out what they read, where they hang out and what their interests are.

Then match your advertising to meet their needs.

EG.A kitchen company would ideally advertise in a Home Interiors Magazine

Make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

Check your business contact details are easy to find. Make sure they are on all marketing materials If you are unable to answer the phone make sure your answer machine message states your business name and message to say you will return their call

Keep in contact with your customers

Reward your loyal customers with regular communication. Whether it be by email, post or phone keep your customers up to date with what your business is doing and any special offers

Reward existing customers for their loyalty

It’s costs less to look after existing customers so reward them for their business. Say thank you by offering loyalty schemes, offers or special deals

Try something different to promote your business

Why is your product different? What can you do to attract customers attention?

Think outside the box, use your story to make your product or service unique and stand out from the crowd.

Don’t have time to market your business?

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