Design and Advertising that Works

As a small business, you need to talk to your customers through targeted design and advertising.

Here is a step by step guide to creating effective design and advertising that will work for your business

1. Identify your Target Market – who will buy your product, where do they live or work, what age are they, what is their average income, are they male or female

2. Understand your Unique Selling Points – what makes your product better or different from the competitors – is it top quality, do you provide excellent customer service, what problem does your product solve for the customer

Target Market and Unique Selling points for a Photographer

A photographer wants to target families for the Xmas Family Portrait. Their target market is Belfast, their target market is parents say in range 30 – 40, their average income is medium say £25,000 to £30,000 per parent so they have a luxury pound to spend and it is likely to be the female that will make the decision to purchase

The photographers unique selling points are that they have a studio full of toys, its family friendly and it offers good quality reasonably priced photographs

3. Create Engaging Content that combines your unique selling points and makes them relevant to the target market

Engaging Content example

A Christmas Family Portrait is the perfect giftdownload
Capture the that special moment in our family friendly studio

Christmas Family Portrait Session Offer Only £35

Call A Studio on 028 9000000 Now to Book Your Session

4. Start working on the Design – this should have the logo of the business, contact details, links to website and social media,a good picture and a call to action as a template base. Then add the content that promotes the product

5. Place the design in Targeted Marketing Channels like Facebook as an advert and you can target the customer base outlined above or even look to local community magazines, leaflet drops into dentists, doctors, schools, local leisure centres, shopping centres and places where your target market are going to be.

6. Keep Talking to your Customers, regularly promote your offer and when a customer has a great experience showcase a testimonial to build up a great reputation and word of mouth referrals to build sales

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