Email Marketing that Gets Results

Email Marketing that Gets Results

This morning we have received a great promotional email that has been opened and read – not deleted and forgotten.
This business is now top of our ” We want that list”

Why I hear you say, what was so good about that email. It was the subject line.

It said “We missed you at the last match” from Ulster Rugby.

Guess what we’ve been thinking of going to a game this autumn because we haven’t been in a while.
This email makes us want to go. It says it all – it makes us feel valued, makes us feel we’ve missed out on something and makes us feel actually we should go to a match sooner rather than later.

What great marketing, reaching out to your customers who buy your products once in a while, letting them know they are missing something like your new product line, the latest improvements in your business and getting your customers to think yes I want that product and I’ll put it on my list.

It is so much easier to market and sell to existing customers that get new customers. You know what they like, when they buy, how you need to talk to them to get them to come back.

So today think about email marketing for your business. How can you send an email that will get a result? Make your copy relate to your customer and give them a reason to click on your email, read your content and take action like pick up the phone to find out more, click online to purchase or walk through your shop door.

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