Choosing the Right Place to Advertise

How to Choose the Right Advertising for Your Business

All too often businesses receive a call from companies offering advertising space in the next best newspaper, newsletter or brochure and it’s a deal that your business can’t possibly miss out on.

You just haven’t had time to market your business and these advertisers make it easy for you by offering a good deal in advertising space and even offer to design the ad for you!  So how could you turn down this opportunity?

So you sign up, place your ad and wait to see if any customers contact you from your advert.

This is known as reactive marketing.  It is throwing the advertising for your business out there and hoping some customers will stick to it.


Don’t just go with the next advertising deal.

Think who are your target market, what publications would your ideal customers be reading, where do your customers shop, what do they normally do in their day to day lives. This will give you an idea where you should be placing your advertising to make the most of your spend and make sure it is targeted. Then take your unique selling points and put them into your advertising to attract customers to your business

For example a local council with 3 gyms under Zest Fitness brand offers has no joining fee and no contract. The advert told customers exactly what the gym offers, where they are located and how to get in contact with them. The advert was placed strategically near the 3 gyms using bus shelter advertising, on the back of buses that passed the gyms, in the local newspapers and local brochures. The result saw a significant rise in new customers joining the gym.

Really think about what you offer your customers offers and then where you fill find those customers and go out and tell them using targeted marketing and advertising.