Cold Calling Made Easy

Is cold calling part of your marketing and sales strategy? Does it make you break out in a cold sweat?
Cold calling can be a great way to identify the customers who are interested in your product,to help start a conversation and build a relationships.

Here are 5 easy steps to help you talk to your target market.
1. Know your business, product and services – what you do, where you are based, what your latest deals are, what your unique selling points and how customers can find out more.
2. Select your target market to call
3. Focus on what this target market might be interested in. If you are a stationary company targeting solicitors then you could focus on your bulk paper offer
4. Think of the conversation as a flow chart, what will you say to ensure you get the most out of each conversation no matter what direction it goes in
5. Call in the morning, be friendly, smile when you are on the phone and remember be positive

If you need assistance with your cold calling to build a new database, talk to your customers and start building relationships call JEM Marketing today on 07775422702